Sam Yoon

Hello, I'm Sam Yoon.
I'm a

Sam Yoon


I'm a Full Stack Developer specializing in React, Node, and PostgreSQL. I've spearheaded projects like a production deployment of ElasticSearch and an API utilizing the NestJS framework. Collaboration and clear communication are my pillars.

Data Science

I'm currently focused on use cases that combine the "relevent information retrival" capabilities of semantic similarity models with the natural language processing capabilities of large language models. Practical use cases > theory > fluff.


When a user feels ✨the magic✨, that's a really special thing. I'm no longer a product manager, but I still think deeply about how to deliver that magic.

Engineers Make Great Powerlifters

A surprising number of the athletes I train with are software engineers. Too many to be explained by coincidence. If you're unfamiliar with powerlifting, the sport revolves around optimizing the weight you can squat, bench, and deadlift for a single repetition. I've discovered that the key to becoming a better powerlifter has a surprising amount of overlap with becoming a better engineer. Success requires grit, humility, and self-awareness. Like in engineering, you will fail and get better as a result. I love this sport, and if you're reading this, I hope we can share a combo rack someday.

Sam Yoon